Meet The Employee of The Month at Atlantic Coast Healthcare, Lakewood, NJ!

From the Desk of Chaya Schwed, MA, CCC-SLP – Atlantic Coast Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

On behalf of the entire staff at Atlantic Cost Healthcare and Rehabilitation, we nominate Leah Masna as employee of the Month!

Leah embodies professionalism and dedication. Her skill as a Physical Therapist is evident in the gains her patients make, but that is only part of the story.

Leah gives her all to each and every patient, going so far as to learn phrases in their native language to make them more comfortable.

She is respectful to everyone, patient and co-worker alike and is the consummate team player!

Atlantic Coast is lucky to have a therapist like Leah on staff. She inspires us all to follow her lead in providing top quality care to all our patients, each and every day!


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