5 Tips for Older Adults to Relieve Knee Pain

Knee pain in joint

Morning routine may slow down as you grow older. Getting out of bed may require you to stretch the left leg first followed by the right one. Going down the stairs may cause you to grimace with pain, and it may take a few minutes to straighten your legs as you head to the kitchen for your morning coffee. Pain and stiffness in the knee are not uncommon in older adults.  Below are 5 tips for older adults to relieve knee pain.


If the pain is due to mild arthritis, inflammation, or a minor injury, try out the following ideas (with your doctor’s approval).


1) Lose Weight

Losing just 5% of your weight can make a difference in terms of mobility and pain relief.


2)  Exercise

The benefits of regular exercise like walking and strength training cannot be overstated.  Frequent walking and weight training can strengthen the bones and tendons in your knee joints.


4) Heat and Cold Therapy

According to the Arthritis Foundation,  a warm bath, a heating pad, and exercising in a warm pool are all ways to reduce stiffness in the joints. The heat expands the blood vessels allowing more blood, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the injured areas. With improved circulation, stiff muscles and joints can relax. In fact, a hot morning shower is a great way to relax your joints and start your day.

For acute pain and inflammation, cold compresses are more effective as the coldness decreases blood flood and reduces inflammation.


5) Get a massage

Massage for pain associated with osteoarthritis helps as it reduces muscle stiffness around the joints allowing for easier mobility and more range of motion. Be sure to tell your massage therapist where you have joint pain and any health restrictions that you may have.

Elderly People Walking


There are many potential causes of pain and stiffness of the knee. The most common is osteoarthritis. But septic arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and inflammatory disease may result in knee joint pain as well.


Knee pain is not an inevitable result of aging. If you feel pain, you should consult with your doctor.

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