Alzheimer’s Hydration Tips

Welcome to the first day of summer! For people with Alzheimer’s, hydration is always an issue. Alzheimer’s patients can forget to drink, or may have swallowing problems or other difficulties ingesting enough liquid. Adequate hydration becomes an even more serious matter in the heat of summer.

Try these tips to help your loved one with Alzheimer’s get the fluid they need to stay healthy.

  1. If drinking is difficult, try offering a drink with a one-way straw. One-way straws have a valve that prevents the liquid from returning to the cup, allowing someone with poor suction to drink with less effort — and less choking and coughing.
    These straws are also useful for those with emphysema,
    COPD or other breathing issues.
  2. Hydration doesn’t just come in the form of water. Many foods have high
    water content.
    Offer your loved one fruit and vegetables, especially such summertime favorites
    as watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, berries, grapes, cucumbers, and tomatoes.
    If necessary, these can be blended into a consistency that is easy for your loved
    one to eat.
    Try these healthy, delicious “mocktails” to entice your loved one to increase
    their fluids.
  3. Semi-solid foods, such as jello, provide hydration. Even solid foods, such as oatmeal, can be blended with a little extra water to provide nutrition and hydration.

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