Flu Survivor: When Is It Safe To Go Back To Your Normal Schedule

Hello flu survivor. Your 2018 flu season has been a horror show. Indeed, according to the CDC, this years flu has been the worst since 2009.

So, here is an important question for you: When is it safe for you to get back to work, and be reacquainted with your family and friends?


flu survivor



Flu Survivor: Coping Strategies

You focus on surviving the week with rest, hydration, and medication. You minimize the flu spreading in your family by keeping the sick one quarantined within the home. In my house that means they stay out of the kitchen, use only one bathroom, and stick to their side of the couch.

But as you all begin to recover, another round of questions come up: When can you get out of the house and be social if you just had the flu or were taking care of someone with the flu? When can you return to work or send your kids to school without worrying about getting others sick?


Flu Survivor: Key Questions

  • Have you gone 24 hours without a fever and without taking acetaminophen, ibuprofen or other similar medicine? If yes, you are most likely not contagious anymore. This is a good sign your body is finally on the mend!
  • Are you coughing or sneezing? The influenza virus primarily spreads from person to person through droplets in the air. The best way to protect others is to stay home until your symptoms have improved more.
  • Do you still feel sick? This can be a tough question because the flu can wipe you out, but if you don’t feel like you’re clearly better, take another day to rest and recuperate.

If you answered, Yes, No, No, then you can leave the house and return to your normal schedule.

For those in the house exposed to the flu who are healthy and got their flu shot, there’s not much extra for you to do. You can be contagious before you feel sick, so keep up the hand washing. That will protect you and others around you.

Good luck. Stay healthy.

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