The Germs On Things You Touch Every Day Can Ruin Your Health

Germs are everywhere and are on common things you touch every single day. Be vigilant, follow these guidelines, and stay healthy.



Germs On Your Cellphone

It goes with you everywhere, even to the bathroomAs a result, it can get up to 10 times dirtier than the toilet seat. In fact, E. coli is a bacteria that can give you diarrhea and stomach cramps. It lives for hours on a warm surface like your phone. Wash your hands with soap after you go.

Germs and your Remote Control

Everyone touches it. “They” could be picking their nose non-stop. And when it isn’t in your germy hands, it’s either on the floor or stuck between the sofa cushions, breeding grounds for mold and

bacteria. Wipe it with antibacterial wipes several times a week.




Your Dish Sponge

Surprise! It’s the dirtiest thing in your house. Sponges are wet and absorb food and dirt. Get rid of all the bacteria, mold, and yeasts, by microwaving  it for 1 minute every several days.  For raw meat, seafood, and poultry, clean the sponge every day.


Germs On the Toothbrush Holder

Your toothpaste kills germs. But it also sticks to the bristles and drips onto the holder. This spot has one of the highest bacteria readings of anything you touch. Clean it often. One easy way: Remove the gunk, then stick it in the dishwasher.



Computer Keyboard

You eat lunch over it at work. The kids log on at home and wipe their runny noses while they play their favorite game. The cat hops up for a nap after she leaves the litter box.
To clean things up, shut down your computer. Give your keyboard a few good shakes to get rid of loose crumbs. Use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball or pad to clean around each key.
cat on keyboard


You grab it all the time with your germy hands. So do other people. Researchers found that most dollar bills are covered in 3,000 types of bacteria. These cause acne, flu, diarrhea, and strep throat.  Several countries are now printing money on plastic, but the U.S. has yet to take that step. Until we have a cleaner option, wash up after you handle that cash.

Anything in Your Office Coffee Room

The microwave and refrigerator doors and the faucet are all covered in bacteria. And so are the vending machine buttons. Wash your hands before and after you touch the appliances. Rinse the coffee pot between uses, and run vinegar through it once a month.



Be vigilant. Wash your hands often. Clean your appliances on a regular basis.

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