Helping Dementia Residents Through ‘Color Stimulation’

Green is symbolic of growth and life and is the most restful of colors. It reduces central nervous system activity, and helps individuals remain calm. Using green makes rooms appear larger. Particularly, lime green is effective with individuals with Alzheimer’s or dementia for visual attention, i.e., visual cues for bathrooms, bedrooms, walkers, etc.

Dementia: Color Is Key In Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living

The physical, psychological, and emotional responses of the elderly become paramount when designing for acute care, short-term care and long-term care facilities. Patients at any age feel vulnerable in a healthcare setting; especially aging patients, or those with dementia are particularly fragile. Décor and color choices can help create a comforting, non-threatening environment that contributes to the healing process and helps compensate for physical and cognitive losses.

Dementia: Color Those Nursing Uniforms Warm And Friendly

Good news for dementia sufferers. Appealing clothing colors are now coming to skilled nursing home uniforms.

Barco Uniforms is going high style through a new partnership with the Skechers shoe company.  They are pairing up for a line of workplace uniforms focused on color and comfort. Two of the new colors, cherry pie and sunny lime, are favorites to those suffering from alzheimer’s and dementia.

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