Protect Your Life, Eat Healthy, Live Long

To combat the array of high-calorie food and drinks on the market, the AHA developed and introduced a science based resource called the Healthy Workplace Food and Beverage Toolkit to introduce and sell healthy food products. Moreover, the toolkit addresses all aspects of food in the workplace. As a result, today nearly 7,750 workplaces nationwide use this toolkit to provide nutritious meals to their employees.

Furthermore, in 2014, AHA leveraged their toolkit by opening to the public a 100% healthy micromarket, called Smart Mart.  In addition, the AHA staff dedicated time and resources to identify and select the right mix of healthy snacks, meals and beverages. Consequently, they succeeded to incorporate fruits, vegetables, whole grains, fat-free/low-fat dairy, nuts/seeds and legumes. Especially relevant, they are limiting calories, sodium, saturated fats, and high content sugars.

Eat Healthy

Smart Mart sales are booming as the public awareness increases.  AHA’s innovative and customized micro market is well-received by consumers. Recently, Smart Mart achieved their three-month sales goal in one month.

Eat Healthy Conclusion

Protect Your Life, Eat Healthy, Live Long is a mantra to live by. Most of all, from children to senior citizens, the benefits of healthy eating are incalculable.



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