Rehabilitation For Amputees Near Lakewood, NJ

At Atlantic Coast Rehabilitation and Healthcare, we have the robust clinical capability to care for a plethora of diagnosis and illnesses and we do particularly well with our orthopedic patients who require extensive rehabilitation upon their discharge from our local hospitals in the Lakewood and Jackson, NJ areas.

From time to time, we also work with patients who have had surgical amputations and we do phenomenally well with them and facilitate their quick recovery and re-adaptation  and integration into their communities.

Surgical amputations are not easy to rehab from and we are quite proud of our accomplishments in this in providing stellar rehabilitation in New Jersey for amputees.

It is why I was encouraged to read learn about a recent technique devised by MIT.


This new surgical technique devised by MIT researchers could allow prosthetic limbs to feel much more like natural limbs. Through coordination of the patient’s prosthetic limb, existing nerves, and muscle grafts, amputees would be able to sense where their limbs are in space and to feel how much force is being applied to them.

This type of system could help to reduce the rejection rate of prosthetic limbs, which is around 20 percent.

“We’re talking about a dramatic improvement in patient care,” says Hugh Herr, a professor of media arts and sciences and the senior author of the study. “Right now there’s no robust neural method for a person with limb amputation to feel proprioceptive positions and forces applied to the prosthesis. Imagine how that would completely hinder one’s ability to move, to successfully balance, or to manipulate objects.”

Let’s see how this technique evolves.

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