Senior Living For Couples

Just read a great article from our friends at Our regarding a few of the challenges couples face when they get to a point that they both require additional clinical care, but not in the same measure.

For example, one spouse may not require as much help with his/her ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living) and may just require some basic tactical support with things like taking medication on time. For that particular spouse, perhaps an Assisted Living community, where they would live independently for the most part, would be sufficient.

Conversely, the other spouse may be far more clinically compromised and perhaps for them, an assisted living community wouldn’t be sufficient. This spouse perhaps requires a greater degree of oversight, care and assistance, where the solution would be placement in a 24-hour skilled nursing facility.

The problem is, the couple may wish to stay together…

There are many nuances to consider and clearly, this article is worth a read.

Of Course at Atlantic Coast Rehabilitation and Healthcare, we are quite proud of our robust nursing program, which allows us to host couples for long term care, in health and happiness.

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