Electronic Sign Language Glove Improves Health In Non Verbal Seniors.

We value our health and therefore we look for health tips, aids, and enhancements to maintain us in good health.

Sign Language Communication goes Electronic

UCSD engineers have developed an electronic glove that is capable of understanding and transmitting sign language. The glove has electronic sensors attached to the finger tips. These silicon polymer sensors have a stripe of electrically conductive carbon paint on top of it.

Flexing the fingers when signing causes changes in electrical resistance. Immediately these changes are wirelessly transmitted to a connected device. The device “reads” the electronic pulses, converts them into letter and numbers, and types it on a screen. Incredibly, the total cost for parts is under $100.

Most noteworthy, the glove is certainly an appropriate addition for hospitals and nursing homes. For example, communicating with non verbal seniors becomes much easier. Stress level declines and their health and social interactions with staff and the entire group improves.

Some Future Health Applications

The UCSD engineers are now working on other applications. For example, surgeons will train in various surgical techniques in virtual reality before going into the OR.  Another application is manipulating and controlling medical devices without compromising their sterility.

Electronic Sign Language Glove Improves Health in non verbal Seniors

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