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Self-Quarantine or Isolation?

  As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread at alarming rates,  governments across the world are taking more aggressive measures to contain it and to “flatten the curve.” By looking at Italy’s current and dire situation, governments are struggling to find ways to prevent illness and deaths as well as a  similar collapse of the…

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Medicare’s Response to the Coronavirus

  Medicare is the leading healthcare insurance program for individuals in the United States age 65 years and older. Now that the coronavirus has hit the United States, with older adults and those with chronic serious medical conditions at a higher risk, what is Medicare’s response to the coronavirus?   Medicare has dedicated a page…

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The New Corona Virus [2019-nCoV]

  According to the CDC, as of February 25th, there were fifty-three cases of the novel coronavirus disease (2019-nCoV) in the United States. There have been 2,462 deaths worldwide, most of them in mainland China. No deaths have been reported in the United States. While the risk of contracting the virus continues to be low in…

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