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The New Corona Virus [2019-nCoV]

  According to the CDC, as of February 25th, there were fifty-three cases of the novel coronavirus disease (2019-nCoV) in the United States. There have been 2,462 deaths worldwide, most of them in mainland China. No deaths have been reported in the United States. While the risk of contracting the virus continues to be low in…

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Do You Know the Facts about Flu Vaccines? Take Our Quiz and Find Out.

It’s flu season. See if you know what’s true and what’s false about the flu vaccine. 1.      You only need a flu shot once. False. Every year, a different strain of flu is dominant, and therefore every year the flu shot is different. You need to get the flu vaccine every year. 2.      Only people…

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Shocking News about the Deadly 2017 Flu Season

Remember last year’s flu season? It was bad, the worst in decades. It even made the news when California emergency rooms were so overwhelmed with flu patients that they were forced to set up “surge tents” in their parking lots in order to handle the onslaught. It wasn’t just optics; the numbers broke records. Nearly…

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Flu Survivor: When Is It Safe To Go Back To Your Normal Schedule

Hello flu survivor. Your 2018 flu season has been a horror show. Indeed, according to the CDC, this years flu has been the worst since 2009. So, here is an important question for you: When is it safe for you to get back to work, and be reacquainted with your family and friends?      …

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The Germs On Things You Touch Every Day Can Ruin Your Health


Germs are everywhere and are on common things you touch every single day. Be vigilant, follow these guidelines, and stay healthy.   Germs On Your Cellphone It goes with you everywhere, even to the bathroom. As a result, it can get up to 10 times dirtier than the toilet seat. In fact, E. coli is a bacteria…

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