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POCD Effects On Seniors Post Surgery, Symptoms, Treatments

POCD ( Postoperative cognitive dysfunction ) is a little-known condition that affects a substantial number of older adults after surgery. Different patients are affected in different ways. Some patients with POCD experience memory problems, difficulty multitasking, learning new things, or setting priorities. Unlike delirium, an acute, sudden-onset disorder that affects consciousness and attention, POCD can…

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Stiff Joints And Aging: You Can Handle And Control It

Stiff joints and aging usually go together like a hand in glove. Face it, don’t stress out, we’re not getting younger. But, there several things you can do to alleviate the stiffness and engage normally in everyday activities.     Stiff Joints: You’re Getting Older As you age, your cartilage, the spongy material that protects…

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High Sodium Foods: Are You Getting Too Much Salt?

Salt is a mineral composed primarily of sodium chloride and is a necessary food in our diet. We eat more daily salt than is necessary. Our daily salt intake should be in the range of 1500 to 2300 milligrams. However, many of us are eating much more salt. We list several foods that have very high…

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Type II Diabetes Is A Very Serious Illness

Type II Diabetes: What Is it? Your body does a poor job converting carbohydrates into energy. This builds up sugar in your blood. Over time it increases your risk for heart disease, stroke, blindness, infections, and several other very serious illnesses. It strikes people of all ages, and the early symptoms are mild.  It is…

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The Germs On Things You Touch Every Day Can Ruin Your Health


Germs are everywhere and are on common things you touch every single day. Be vigilant, follow these guidelines, and stay healthy.   Germs On Your Cellphone It goes with you everywhere, even to the bathroom. As a result, it can get up to 10 times dirtier than the toilet seat. In fact, E. coli is a bacteria…

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Smart Robot Keeps People Walking During Rehab

A smart robot by Swiss scientists continuously trains and assists patients during walking rehabilitation sessions. Smart Robot The smart robot consists of a harness suspended from the ceiling and pulled up and forward by motors. Assistive force is controlled by an algorithm that measures stride, leg position, and muscle activity. Furthermore, the robot guarantees that the person…

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Protect Your Life, Eat Healthy, Live Long

Eat healthy. Consumers today recognize that nutrition and diet are important. The American Heart Association(AHA) strongly recommends eating healthy, nutritious foods to maintain a productive, happy, and disease free life. Eat Healthy Using AHA Guidelines To combat the array of high-calorie food and drinks on the market, the AHA developed and introduced a science based…

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Ten Worst Cities For Asthma

Asthma is a respiratory disease marked by lung inflammation. The disease is triggered by stress, high pollen counts, and also smog.  The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) rates these environmental factors and consequently ranks the top 10 “Asthma Capitals” in the United States.     Ten Worst Asthma Cities   Chicago New Orleans…

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Electronic Sign Language Glove Improves Health In Non Verbal Seniors.

Electronic Sign Language Glove Improves Health in non verbal Seniors

We value our health and therefore we look for health tips, aids, and enhancements to maintain us in good health. Sign Language Communication goes Electronic UCSD engineers have developed an electronic glove that is capable of understanding and transmitting sign language. The glove has electronic sensors attached to the finger tips. These silicon polymer sensors…

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