Magnamosis Connects Intestines With Magnets

Magnamosis is a new surgical method that uses magnets to reconnect intestines.  This new technique was recently developed and clinically tested by Dr. Michael Harrison at UC San Francisco.  It uses two circular magnets to create the intestinal reconnection. Current Intestinal Surgery VS Magnamosis   Currently, staples and sutures reconnect the intestinal tissues. This surgical…

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Electronic Sign Language Glove Improves Health In Non Verbal Seniors.

Electronic Sign Language Glove Improves Health in non verbal Seniors

We value our health and therefore we look for health tips, aids, and enhancements to maintain us in good health. Sign Language Communication goes Electronic UCSD engineers have developed an electronic glove that is capable of understanding and transmitting sign language. The glove has electronic sensors attached to the finger tips. These silicon polymer sensors…

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