The Emotional Costs of Heart Failure

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart is not strong enough to pump as much blood as the body needs. Though the heart is a muscle, unfortunately, as it works harder to pump blood it does not get stronger, it gets weaker. Moreover, as the body gets less oxygen, the classic symptoms of heart failure begin to show: shortness of breath, fatigue, rapid heartbeat, swelling in the legs, and fluid retention.

What is talked about less are the psychological aspects of heart failure. Understandably, heart failure is associated with depression, anxiety, stress, all of which cause even more damage to the heart.

In addition, these psychological conditions make people less able to take care of themselves; people suffering from depression or anxiety are less able to maintain the therapeutic life changes, such as healthy diet and exercise, that are so important in managing heart failure.

For that reason, an important component of heart failure treatment is treating these negative emotions. Cardiac rehabilitation focuses not only on the physical aspects of the disease, but also includes group or individual counseling to manage the anxious fear of the future, sense of isolation, and stress that accompany heart failure.

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